Fully customizable to handle your edge cases

- Deployments handled for your customizations

Existing APIs

Works along with your existing APIs deployed anywhere.

Ensures you can use your development investments so far.

Custom Code

User provided custom code deployed to AWS Lamdba.

Serverless. Pay only for compute time, when your code is running.

Custom Docker Image

User provided docker image deployed to AWS ECS.

Intelligent components at your fingertips.

- No coding required

Extensive Web Services Support

Integrate to any web service in minutes.

Email and Text messages

Easily send email and text messages.

SQL and NoSQL DB Operations

Supports CRUD operations for both SQL and NoSQL databases.

Text to Speech

Converts from text to speech or speech to text just by configuring through the designer.


Extensive support for caching so that data once retrieved from web services and database can be reused for faster response times.

Image/Video classification and transformation

Machine learning support for image and video classification. In adddition, easily transform images and video with additional content.

Data Transformers

Easily convert data between JSON, XML, Byte Array, Unstructured Data, and Primitives

New components always added

Cutting-edge new components always added. Promise to fulfill customer requests for new components in a week!


Pricing varies based on the service.

Checkout pricing for our email service

Extensive Troubleshooting Support

- All requests logs available in Kibana.

- Error request analysis overlayed on process flow UI.


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