Byteline Messaging Service

Send Unlimited Transactional Emails, through easy REST API

Easily send emails directly from any programming language.

Massive Scalability. High Availability.

Beautiful Templates. Create using a designer, Markdown, or direct HTML.

Affordable pricing. Start with our free plan.

Optionally, emails can be sent through your AWS or Gmail account.


Yes. To schedule an email to be sent later, include sendAt field in the API calls.

Yes. Provide multiple emails in the addresses field of the REST call to send email or templated email.

We don't have a test key. But you can sign up for our free account to send upto 100 emails/month. No credit card needed.

Sender email is configured on the Byteline server, so the front-end code doesn't expose it to spam bots.

Byteline doesn't need your account password. For Gmail, OAuth is used to one-time authenticate by logging into the Byteline portal. In case of AWS, you can configure credentials for the IAM role, which has access only to AWS SES service.

  1. supports beautiful templates, which are not available through Gmail or SES.
  2. Gmail and AWS SES both provide APIs to send email. But those APIs are not that easy to use, as you need to sign the request and go through OAuth for Gmail. does all the heavy work for you.

Affordable Monthly Pricing

Get started with the free plan. Then easily upgrade to your choice.




Send upto 100 emails/month
Beautiful Templates
Email Support


$ 14.99 /month

Flat Fee

With your AWS account
Send unlimited emails
Beautiful Templates
Email Support

Beautiful Templates

Templates are created through Byteline website, and then invoked through a simple REST API.


Email Template


    const inputBody = {
      "body": {
        "parameters": {
          "month": "July",
          "customer_name": "Adam"
        "templateId": "188b3213-2ee9-445c-ba1f-a0b726c728b2"
      "to": {
        "addresses": [

    const headers = {


      method: 'POST',
      body: inputBody,
      headers: headers
    .then(function(res) {
        return res.json();
    }).then(function(body) {

Install using NPM

npm install @byteline/ng-messaging

Send email through a component

export class EmailComponent { constructor(private messaging: Messaging) { } sendEmail() { templateParams = { "month": "July", "customer_name": "Adam" }; this.messaging.sendEmail('my byteline api key', '188b3213-2ee9-445c-ba1f-a0b726c728b2', '', templateParams).subscribe(response => { console.log(JSON.stringify(response)); }); } }

<script src=""></script>
    function sendTestEmail() {
        templateParams = {
          "month": "July",
          "customer_name": "Adam"

        messaging.sendEmail('my byteline api key', '188b3213-2ee9-445c-ba1f-a0b726c728b2', '', templateParams);


Install Python SDK Package

pip install byteline-sdk

Send email

import messaging templateParams = { 'month': 'July', 'customer_name': 'Adam', } messaging.send_templated_email('my byteline api key', '188b3213-2ee9-445c-ba1f-a0b726c728b2', '', templateParams)